Hello my name is Jennifer Tesolin, and I have been a professional web developer since 2006 (and as a hobbyist since since 2000). Some web technologies I have worked with include PHP, ASP.net, JavaScript, Wordpress, Digital Ocean, MERN stack, and HTML emails. Currently, I am learning Mern Stack, Python, CSS3 & SASS, as well as HTML5 technologies.

Other hobbies I enjoy are traveling, visiting with family and friends, watching Anime, and tinkering with my Raspberry Pi computer. My Flickr account has pictures taken in my travels around the globe and comic cons. Please check them out and make any comments.

Upcoming content

Some upcoming tutorials (in no particular order) are:

  • Creating a development environment on the Mac: a video and blog series. The posts are currently being written out and screen captured (will release a rough version first, so stay tuned). This will focus on Mac Sierra version of the operating system.
  • Creating a development environment on windows: a video to go with the blog post. Will be updated into a series as well.

Feel free to send me an email if there is any content you want to see, or any issues to fix.