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Welcome to my website that features my portfolio consisting of Github Repositories and Photography, as well as tutorials that include tips and tricks for web development and at the odd times traveling.

Feel free to send me an email if there is any content you want to see, or any issues to fix.

Latest Portfolio Pieces

Slim 3 YAML Search Web Service

A web service built using slim 3 and the 'mnapoli/front-yaml' composer library to search in Yaml tags in a folder _post.

Archer CMS

A github repo that is my MERN project for the Fall 2017 Juno (HackerYou) Fullstack Master class.

Beginner JavaScript Demos

These are just some small demos using JavaScript libraries and technology. Started as a code area for demos I created. Expected to have other JS bits.

Latest Blog Posts

A Guide for Setting Up a Chromebook for Web Development

A set-up on a budget chromebook for web development including IDE, browsers, and more.

Website Revamp

New version of website launched. Here are the aspects of the website that have been overhauled.

Jekyll Static Sites on the Digital App Platform

Learn how to host your Jekyll static site (including plugins) on the new Digital Ocean App Platform.