Top 5 additions from the console games that would improve Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a great idea for a game but as someone who has played the console games in the past there are quite a few things that seem to be missing. Here is a list of concepts that I feel can help improve the game play. … Continued

Quick tip: Comparing integer variables using PHP

This post describes how to compare variables that have integers using PHP.… Continued


Quick tip: Change your iTunes media view mode

In the latest iTunes release, there has been quite a few tweaks to the interface. One option that has moved is the change view in playlist. This post describes how to change this.… Continued


Configure Jekyll on Microsoft Azure or Github pages

Sometimes hosting can be expensive, and some reputable hosts have free but limited hosting. This post described how to configure Github pages and Microsoft Azure.… Continued

Fix pagination after upgrading from Jekyll 2 to Jekyll 3

In Jekyll 3, pagination is deprecated. This post describes how to resolve the error: “Deprecation: You appear to have pagination turned on, but you haven’t included the jekyll-paginate gem. Ensure you have gems: [jekyll-paginate] in your configuration file.” … Continued

Jekyll: The configuration file

The Jekyll configuration file houses important information for your site. This post highlights some options being used in this site, with a basic explanation of what it does.… Continued

Jekyll: Easy searching with JSON and jQuery

Jekyll is a great tool to build web sites, unfortunately there is no built in search. This post will describe how to create one a basic search using JSON and jQuery.… Continued

Creating a development environment for IIS 7+

This post describes how to enable IIS on Windows 7, along with enabling MySql and Php. … Continued

Updated: Raspberry Pi Media Server

After trying quite a few Raspberry Pi operating systems and configurations, the new RasPlex is my choice for my home media centre. RasPlex was the best system which supports out of the box: WiFi, Bluetooth, hdmi monitor with analog speakers, and more. The best thing is the entire process took only 15 minutes!… Continued

Moving a WordPress blog

This post will describe various ways to move WordPress, either to a different server or to Jekyll. … Continued