This post describes how to install git and github on your mac installation. There are two common ways to install. Both methods are described below. Please note the first way requires homebrew.

Installing with homebrew

To install GIT, just run the below commands and enter your information when requested. Brew update/upgrade is being run to show best practice. Files should always be updated before trying to run commands.

brew update
brew upgrade
brew install git

A quick way to install github, is to enter the below command in your terminal using brew casks. Casks basically give yo a way to install software without the DMG files.

brew cask install github

Installing with DMG files

Go to the Git site at

Alternatively, if you use github, you can download the github desktop DMG file, then install the git command line tools from the app itself.

To install the git command line tools from within the GitHub application, click on the app name "GitHub Desktop", then choose "Install command line tool".

Image showing location of command line tools install on Github Desktop Application