Using an android in an Apple environment can be a bit tricky, but here are some tricks and resources to help you out. This post is an update to one titled "Moving from an iOS Device to Android (iCloud)".

Note: I am not in partnership or sponsored in anyway by the below programs, they are what I have researched and used over the past few years.


SmoothSync for Cloud Calendar: SmoothSync for Cloud Calendar syncs your iCloud calendars and reminders. Please note this is for Apple Calendars, it will not sync events from your Google Calendar to your Mac.


SmoothSync for Cloud Contacts: SmoothSync for Cloud Contacts syncs your iCloud contacts.

iCloud Mail Sync

The easiest way to sync your settings is to use this IMAP email guide from apple. You will need to generate an app-specific password for your client. AndroidCentral has a few notes on getting around any SSL issues (try TSL)

iTunes Library Sync

To sync your library, there are excellent products from JRT Studio to sync and play your files. Please note though, that the video files purchased in the iTunes store will not play on your android device due to the DRM used.

  • iSyncer: This program is used to move the files from your iTunes library to your device. You will need to download a copy on your android and a copy on your Mac.
  • Rocket player: this program will allow you to play your files and cast them, though you will need to have oth the free version and the premium license to play all file formats (alac, tta, ape, mpc, wav, flac, wv, wma).