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6 resources that you may find at your local library

The library has more services than just book or disc lending. This post describes what can be found in the city of Toronto, Canada. Some of which are also available in various Canadian and U.S cities as well.

  1. LinkedIn Learning (Formerly Lynda Learning): is an online video course centre that covers a few areas of study. Typically it would cost over 200 per year. One cravat: cannot figure out how to login from phone.
  2. O'Reilly Learning (Formerly Safari Tech &Business Books Online): provides access to all of their tech books.
  3. Digital classes: many off the Toronto libraries have classes in: DJIng, green screen, Inkscape, gimp, beginner HTML and CSS, Intro to 3D design and more. What’s pretty cool, is that they use free programs that are great alternatives to paid programs.
  4. 3D printers: libraries have access to Just take one of their certification classes which are offered for free at various branches. Just be sure to take the certification class first!
  5. Rent a studio: for Video or Audio production. Some branches have a digital recording studio complete with green screen and computers with software to edit!
  6. Museum and other passes: borrow tickets to the ROM, science centre, AGO, and more. Though its first come first serve, and unfortunately, Casa Loma is not offered. The passes are good for 2 adults and up to 5 children, which can save a lot of money.

Also, you can use these services even if you work in Toronto, not just live. Visit their site to see the requirements for a library card.