Below is a list of different applications I use to create my projects. While most have probably been seen before, I hope at least one is new...... Does anyone else want a sublime or notepadd++ mobile app?

Cross Platform Apps

  • Source tree - source code app
  • Sublime - awesome text editor
  • Netbeans - an IDE, currently use it in a Java course. Also has excellent php integration as well as JavaScript support

Windows Specific:

Mac Specific:

 Web Apps and automation:

iOS apps:

  • JS anywhere
  • Pastebin
  • Evernote
  • Textastic


  • Enabling built in Mountain lion web tools: PHP, MySQL, Apache
  • Apache Guide: First and most comprehensive guide to install Apache, MySQL, etc. Please note that while its a great guide, some of the versions may be out dated. Its always recommended to use the latest stable version.