Installing Git and Github on your Mac

This post describes how to install git and github on your mac installation. There are two common ways to install. Both methods are described below. Please note the first way requires homebrew. … Continued

Jekyll: Setting up your development environment

Jekyll is a static site generator that runs on NodeJS. Its a great alternative to WordPress that eliminates the need for databases.… Continued

Installing Homebrew and Fixing Ruby on your Mac

This post describes how to install homebrew, and use it to fix your Ruby install. … Continued

Setting up your Mac computer for local development and programming

Mac computers are great for programming, and many development software and Utilities are free to get set up and running. This post describes how to set up your mac for programming and web development from enabling PHP, Ruby, node and more. … Continued

Using iOS and Android devices together.

Using an android in an Apple environment can be a bit tricky, but here are some tricks and resources to help you out. This post is an update to one titled "Moving from an iOS Device to Android (iCloud)".… Continued

Installing Node JS and Grunt

This tutorial focuses on installing the platform, and provides resources for using Grunt.… Continued

Quick Tip: Highcharts credit in a new window

Here is a great fiddle by Torstein Hønsi, that shows how to have highcharts credits open in a new window/tab.… Continued

Quick Tip: WordPress and Campaign Monitor

Just a quick and easy way to integrate your campaign monitor list. Note: this post first appeared Apr 18, 2013, and has been updated to reflect the most recent information.… Continued

Top 6 resources that you may find at your local library

The library now has more services than just book for video lending. This post describes what can be found in the city of Toronto, Canada. Be sure to check out your cities branch as well, as some of the services described below can be found in other major Canadian (and U.S.) cities.… Continued

Top 5 additions from the console games that would improve Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a great idea for a game but as someone who has played the console games in the past there are quite a few things that seem to be missing. Here is a list of concepts that I feel can help improve the gameplay. … Continued