Installing Git and Github on your Mac

This post describes how to install git and github on your mac installation. There are two common ways to install. Both methods are described below. Please note the first way requires homebrew.


Jekyll: Setting up your development environment

Jekyll is a static site generator that runs on NodeJS. Its a great alternative to WordPress that eliminates the need for databases.


Installing Homebrew and Fixing Ruby on your Mac

This post describes how to install homebrew, and use it to fix your Ruby install.


Archer CMS

A github repo that is my MERN project for the Fall 2017 HackerYou Fullstack Master class. Heads up: this repo is currently for development enironments.

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Mac: Development Set-up

This is a new series being published/updated that links to various tutorials for getting up and running in web development on your mac (using free software.)

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Github and Gists

Here are a few helpful repos and gists to get you started on your development journey.

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